SEO Program Improvement Action Plan (Digital Download)


As a stand-alone SEO product, this SEO Program Improvement Guide & Action Plan has been designed to get your business, no matter where you are in Google to better and improved rankings. This immediate SEO plan takes into account Google's current and future changes that the major search engine has made to its algorithms. So whether you are new to SEO, struggling to make it work or have recently been the victim of a Google penalty, this SEO guide will help you get on your way to online brand visibility. The content in this action plan for SEO has been derived from Jasmine Sandler’s SEO consulting and coaching practice. By purchasing and downloading this action plan you will learn:

  • All the SEO DIY steps you can take now to improve your on-site optimization
  • Tools you can use to get back control of how you appear in Google
  • How to utilize Word Press for SEO
  • How to write for SEO and target engagement
  • How to plan for content that will drive SEO visibility
  • How to review your website for social sharing and user engagement
  • The importance of Social Signals to SEO and what you can do about it
  • What SEO tools and professional resources you need to do SEO right

This SEO Program Improvement Guide & Action Plan is available for download via e-mail after your payment is submitted.



SEO Program Improvement Action Plan & Guide

This is to be used as a guide and action plan for those marketers and business owners who are struggling with their SEO programs. This SEO Program Improvement Action Plan & Guide  takes the initial reccommendations provided by Jasmine Sandler in her standard SEO consulting program. The SEO advice delivered here is part of an SEO program worth thousands! This SEO action plan is available now to you for only $5.
In this SEO Action Plan you will learn how to improve your current SEO program and how to arm yourself and your business with the appropriate professional SEO and Social media resources and tools to sustain long term Google visibility.
For more details on Jasmine Sandler’s SEO Consulting or SEO Managed Services programs visit the SEO section of this site. Get this SEO Program Improvement Action Plan and get on your way to top search visibility now!


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