How to Brand Yourself Online Like A CEO- Personal Branding Manual


In a Digital world where selfies are the norm rather than the exception, developing, managing and maintaining a strong, authentic personal brand that aligns with your professional goals is a must. This holds true for anyone serious about their career. This book is meant to be actionable. There are worksheets for you to complete, questions for you to answer and homework for you to do. So get ready to create your own powerful, engaging, inspiring personal brand online and learn How to Brand Yourself Online Like A CEO.


How to Brand Yourself Online Like a CEO is a personal branding manual , available in ebook form on Amazon and Kindle and in print on Createspace.
This book is the second in a series of Digital Marketing manuals for those business professionals that like the DIY model of building and growing their own Online Brands. This book is a quick, intense read with loads of strong CEO Social Brand examples and worksheets to complete. The elements of the book are highly actionable and provide best practices for creating the Online Personal Brand for anyone serious about their career.
How to Brand Yourself Online Like a CEO, the reader is given a manual on how to build, grow and protect an online brand that is geared towards total career success.
In this book, you will learn:
-How to Identify Your Own Personal Brand
-How to Position Your Personal Brand
-How to Determine Your Brand Messaging
-How to Commit to Your Personal Brand Content
-How to Get Into the CEO Role
There are also specific Branding guidelines for each type of professional.
This Online Branding manual is authored by Jasmine Sandler, Personal Branding Expert. For more information and tips on personal branding, read her related Blog pieces, listen to her related interviews and watch her related videos.
The book is also provided to training audiences of Jasmine Sandler’s Personal Branding Consulting and Online Branding Training Programs.
The book is available in single versions online. Discounts are available on bulk orders.


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