LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Products for Real Estate Pros

Jasmine Sandler, LinkedIn Recognized Expert in Social Selling has partnered with Homeasap to offer LinkedIn Sales Courses and Consulting to Real Estate Pros!

Jasmine Sandler is proud to announce her partnership with HomeASAP to offer Real Estate professionals everything that they need to drive sales on LinkedIn.

Jasmine has served major Real Estate Companies and their Sales Teams including:

Jasmine Sandler has been working with real estate agents since 2006 to develop their LinkedIn Branding. She has helped companies such as:
One of the essential tools for success in real estate is LinkedIn Marketing. Developing a LinkedIn Marketing Stategy is critical with so many agents standing alone as their own marketing firms. Jasmine has spent the last 12 years working directly with Real Estate agents while teaching them to use LinkedIn as their #1 sales tool. She has created specific products and services for all of their individual sales needs.
Advanced LinkedIn Sales Course and Coaching

Taken directly from Jasmine Sandler, LinkedIn Sales Expert and Google Recognized Social Selling Leader, created LIVE 4-week Corporate LinkedIn Sales Course, this online course plus coaching from Jasmine herself includes everything a Sales Pro needs to compete and win on LinkedIn, including:

•  LinkedIn Profile Target Visibility
•  Personal Branding for LinkedIn
•  Best Use of ALL LinkedIn Selling Tools
•  Proper Engagement on LinkedIn
•  Content Marketing for LinkedIn
•  Building Ongoing Sales Relationships Daily

Purchase this course now and up your LinkedIn Sales game! 

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