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Social Selling in 2016 – A Virtual Roundtable Expert Discussion

For women looking to find career and music development opportunities in the #musicindustry hear it straight from The Guitar Center Company #CMO Jeannine Davis D'Addario who was my most recent guest on my #podcast Warrior Women in B…https://t.co/LeH856u6J8 https://t.co/8ojMa4ekkt

One year ago my Warrior Women in Business 👩‍💼 Fashion Brand came to life with the help of fellow warrior woman Tina Trevino . Watch how we make female entrepreneurial dreams come true - with a little dose of Fall 🍁

#ladies…https://t.co/WpXVNBHtKf https://t.co/v6S2Shy9d5

Our JSM for Artists division of branding and design experts follow their artist passion to deliver fan building and audience engaging websites for bands everywhere! See https://t.co/QQCkTr2JzT for some seriously rockin case studies on U/X!


Looking to up your executive presence on LinkedIn? We craft executive LinkedIn content that gets media attention. https://t.co/BWOTnGyNu9

One of my favorite interview shots on business radio. I provide LinkedIn Sales and other marketing insights to podcast hosts, radio shows, business tv hosts, corporate executives and sales audiences. See live examples - https://t.co/inWXHcMS5D
#linkedin #…https://t.co/OaTzcgFbIB

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